Water storage tank cleaning

Water Tank Cleaning Dubai

Clean water is one of the most valuable commodities in Dubai. It is used in a variety of household activities, and in other applications as well. As such, it is important to always have clean water running from the tap.

However, since water is often stored in water tanks, it is imperative that measures are taken to ensure that storage tanks are kept clean and well-maintained, to ensure the cleanliness of water stored in them. Lack of cleaning and maintenance can lead to the proliferation of Legionella and other harmful bacteria.
Not only that, water storage facilities also risk lead and copper leakage due to the corrosion and deterioration of the metal components of the overall system. Unmaintained storage facilities can also lead to mould infestations, which can result to water contamination.

In a household, presence of such bacteria in the tank can lead to all kinds of sickness amongst members of the family. In a restaurant or hotel, there are larger implications, as more people may be affected. In addition, business may have to be stopped for a period of time for deep cleaning to be applied on to the systems.

As such, it is imperative that cleaning be done regularly on water storage systems, whether at home or in businesses. If you are in need of professional services for water tank cleaning, Dubai is home to one of the most trusted names in the business – Green Planet Technical Services LLC.

What Makes Us One Of The Leaders In Water Tank Cleaning

Here at Green Planet, we believe in providing high quality services at reasonable prices. Our expert cleaners will survey your facilities to determine the overall condition of your storage tanks. After a complete analysis has been done, a recommended plan of action will be produced. This action plan will include the costs that will be accrued for the process, including the price of labour and the cleaning materials and equipment that will be utilised all throughout the procedure.

Unlike other storage and tank cleaning companies in Dubai, we will give you the choice as to whether or not you wish to continue with the cleaning. If you wish to continue, our team of field experts will ensure that your water systems and facilities are cleaned and cleansed.

Highly Equipped Tank Cleaning Company in Dubai

We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we do things efficiently and quickly the right way. Our tools enable our staff to perform a thorough clean-up and sanitation of storage tanks, which in turn guarantees that our customers have safe and clean water to use. We have mechanised dewatering equipment for removing dirt, mud, and algae; high pressure jet cleaners to eliminate all contaminants that may have accumulated on the walls and internal surfaces; high powered vacuum cleaners; anti-bacterial treatment solutions; and UV radiation for disinfection. Through careful research and development, we were able to develop a meticulous process that ensures we leave our clients with spotlessly clean and bacteria free storage tanks.