Post Construction cleaning

Construction Cleaning in Dubai

Construction projects often leave an inordinate amount of dust and rubble to be cleaned up. Whether the project is for constructing a medium-sized structure such as a villa, or a larger-sized structure such as an office, hotel, or showroom, the process of cleaning up afterwards is a huge task that must be taken care of quickly. Leaving a construction site and all its mess poses a great risk to the health of individuals, as well as to their physical safety. To avoid unfortunate incidents, it is best to get the job done as soon as possible.

If you are needing construction cleaning in Dubai, contact Green Planet Technical Services today. Green Planet provides professional construction cleaning services that are designed to cleanse and sanitise work areas post-construction. We have highly trained personnel who are well-versed in the method of cleaning project sites, no matter the size and extent of clean up that needs to be done. In addition, we have industry-grade equipment that are specially designed to cleanse and wash away construction rubble and debris.

Specialized Heavy Duty Cleaning Equipment

Our company is equipped with all the necessary tools to do a job efficiently and thoroughly, according to the timeline set by our clients. We possess small bulldozers for getting rid of heavy debris and industrial-grade garbage bins capable of holding large amounts of disposed construction materials. In addition to the basic cleaning equipment such as brooms and dust pans, we utilise highly specialised cleaning solutions for a variety of applications, including glass, metal, stone, and wood, among other materials that require unique treatment.

We also have some of the most advanced equipment developed for collecting dust and residue that has settled in hard to reach areas. We have a range of vacuums, automatic scrubbers, sweepers, and floor machines that allow us to produce a complete clean. With a range of heavy duty cleaning equipment readily available to our team, we are able to provide excellent services and produce fast and superior results. Need to get a site cleaned and tidied up at the soonest possible time? Leave it to the our professional cleaning experts.

A complete clean of your construction site at an affordable cost

With our industry experience and technical expertise, we can help you clean out the residue and the gum marks on the floors and walls; remove the dust that has settled in the nooks and corners of rooms; and eliminate misplaced paint marks on doors, floors, and walls. The high quality of our construction cleaning services in Dubai will leave you with a site that has been cleaned meticulously, in each space and surface, and in every nook and cranny.

If you want to know more about our professional construction cleaning in Dubai or other services, please feel free to contact us today. We are accessible via phone (+971 4 3980797), email ( or online form. We have customer support personnel who can provide you with more information on our company and our services.