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Restaurant and Kitchen Hood Cleaning

A kitchen hood is essential in maintaining safety in the kitchen. It removes airborne grease, fumes, odours, smoke, and combustion particles produced in the kitchen area. Through a filtration system, it separates grease and other particles from the fumes and traps these for extraction. In commercial applications, exhaust hoods are also used alongside fresh air fans to flush out the cooking fumes.

Why You Need To Clean Your Restaurant Hood

Constant use causes grease to build up in the exhaust hood. This can become a safety hazard, as the excessive presence of grease and oil can turn it into a firetrap. Over time, grease that gets trapped in the hood clots and turns into a highly flammable material. This material may ignite when applied with enough heat. Such a hazardous condition puts people within the immediate vicinity of danger. If you are running a food outlet, restaurant hood cleaning is all the more important for you.

Restaurant hood cleaning is a method of deep cleaning that is key to ensuring that none of the fumes, smoke, and harmful particles coming from the kitchen seep into your restaurant, and ruin the ambience you have set for your diners and customers. Our meticulous process for cleaning restaurant kitchen hoods includes the following steps:

  • Removing and cleaning filters, filter frames, fire suppression equipment, and scrape and wash plenum walls
  • Clean-up of the accessible interior parts of horizontal and vertical ductworks
  • Washing fan blades, and interior and exterior components of fan housing and drip pans
  • Washing louvers and dampers; replacing them in their original position
  • Clean-up and reinstallation of filters in their proper places

Expertly Delivered Restaurant Cleaning Services For Your Kitchen Exhaust

If you need high quality kitchen hood cleaning, contact Green Planet Technical Services today. We at Green Planet specialise in cleaning kitchen hood and exhaust systems. With years of experience in the field, our technical experts are capable removing all traces of grease build up in your exhaust and hood systems.

We have specialised equipment for cleaning out hard to reach areas, and hidden corners that are normally inaccessible. Our personnel can also wash and clean your kitchen equipment to provide you with a complete kitchen cleaning package. With a clean kitchen, not only do you promote health and wellness in the work environment of your employees, but also boost the reputation of your restaurant as a truly hygienic and classy outfit.

Advantages of a clean restaurant hood:

  • Safer environment
  • Prevention of fire hazard
  • Higher health standard
  • Improved ventilation
  • Compliance with local fire and health regulations
  • Better energy savings
  • More sanitary working environment
  • Prevention of product contamination

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