Carpet Steam Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Green planet technical services are specialists in residential carpet cleaning.

Most people think vacuuming the carpet in their home or residence is enough but they couldn’t be more wrong. Most home vacuum cleaners remove only a small amount of dust and dirt leaving residue that is difficult to remove. There are millions of small germs, mites and soil hiding underneath the carpets in your home which would mean allergy and asthma issues for you and your family.

Green planet technical services recommends having your home cleaned using steam or hot water extraction methods. Green planet technical services uses professional carpet cleaning technicians that remove most fungi, dust mites as well as viruses embedded in the fibers.

Commercial carpet cleaning

Green planet technical services are specialists in commercial carpet cleaning. UAE commercial carpet cleaners with the experience, equipment and expertise to solve your commercial property carpet cleaning requirements.

The carpet in your business represents significant capital investment for your company and also plays a major role in an office environment. Green planet technical services will implement a custom commercial carpet cleaning program for all your commercial flooring and maintenance needs.

With a commercial carpet cleaning process you can expect an inexpensive service with the expectation of increase in the life and appearance of your carpet. Green planet technical services will send an experienced carpet cleaning technician to develop a process suited to your specific office requirements. A professional carpet cleaning program is crucial to maintaining a healthy work environment.

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